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The MIIT heavy combat
Time:2012-11-06 17:42:44    hits:8784     From: Ganzhou Kemingrui Non-ferrous Materials Co.,LTD

For this newspaper published the "state supervision" non-existent "rare earth enterprises have off-site" rebirth "shut down" a draft of the relevant person in charge of the Rare Earth Industry Association on the 15th exclusive to respond to the "Economic Information Daily" said the black industry chain operation scale hidden, enterthe amount of product in the market is not statistics, not only pollute the environment, waste of resources, but also result in legitimate businesses and government managers decision making blind, the healthy development of the industry great harm. In this regard, the Association will cooperate with the relevant authorities cracked down hard on black industry chain of rare earth. At the same time, the Ministry of Industry said a notice issued on 15, decided to maintain normal production of rare earth and the market order rectification work in the provinces (autonomous regions) Organization of Rare Earth illegal behavior verification.

Black factory and there are a lot of harm to the normal and orderly development of rare earth industry is very large. "Said rare earth association responsible person to accept the" Economic Information Daily "reporters interview. It also exposed some loopholes in the current management and chain of custody of the rare earth industry, he said. He pointed out that on the one hand, the black industry chain covering mining, smelting separation, deep processing, application links, resources and environmental costs, without having to pay the producer of black industry chain is the Department of Homeland mining indicators and the production of Industry and Information Ministry did not consider mandatory plan, as long as there is a market, as long as there is a profit on the increased horsepower production of valuable rare earth resource protection out of the question, the same time, the black chain producers must use the lowest-cost production process, abandoning the poor to the rich mining greatly destruction of the fragile ecological environment.

Even more critical is the view from the healthy development of the industry as a whole, the presence of black chain bound to the formal production businesses struggling. The official said the black industry chain enterprises because it does not bear the resource and environmental costs, the prices of their products definitely be less than the lawful production enterprises, resulting in continued low prices of rare earth products, black enterprise seriously squeeze the living space of the legitimate producers with black the size of the industrial chain business concealment, the amount of product into the market is difficult to count, resulting in the decision-making of legitimate businesses and government managers are blind. According to the monitoring of rare earth price index of China's rare earth industry, from January 2012 to September, the rare earth product prices conservative estimate fell by 15%.

"From the point of view of the rare earth smuggling, the presence of black industry chain is undoubtedly fueled the" Economic Information Daily "reporters" Rare Earth Association official admitted that foreign rare earth products traded price far below the cost of production due to the black industry chain, sosmuggling profit has become a common way out of the black industry chain. Through false names, cross-border smuggling and other illegal means, an endless stream of valuable rare earth resources going abroad. The amount of rare earth imports from China in 2011 foreign customs statistics, 1.2 times higher than the exports of China's customs statistics.

The official told the "Economic Information Daily" reporters, the MIIT Circular of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on verification rectify the illegal behavior of the rare earth has been issued, the next step in the country cracked down hard on the black industry chain. At the same time, the China Rare Earth Industry Association also issued to the industry self-regulation called for, consciously resist the black industry chain products, and to further promote the use of special invoices and regulatory rare earth product transactions linked to the upstream and downstream enterprises to establish a good tracking mechanism.

The "hitting" action, the Ministry of Industry requirements, industry authorities of the provinces (autonomous regions) to be reported immediately to the charge of provinces (regions) leadership of the region's rare earth illegal behavior clues unified deployment of the People's Government, the provinces (regions), organize industrial, land, public security, environmental protection, taxation, industrial and commercial departments each of verification, there is the problem of illegal mining, production, sales, and tax evasion, were ordered to stop the removal of production equipment, and shall be prosecuted enterprise andthe responsibility of the personnel concerned. According to the plan, the provinces (autonomous regions) immediately organize and verification and rectification work was completed on November 15, 2012 and 10 before the end of the first clues verification results and preliminary rectify the situation in a report submitted to the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Industry will around verification to rectify the situation with the relevant departments to conduct random checks and notification.

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